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currently I am creating a booking-page for my Company. Our Service can last for 1 day or 4 days, as the Customer wants. Is there a way, our Customers are able to choose on which day the Service starts and when it ends? like when I‘m booking an appointment myself. Are there maybe any tools I can use to make this possible?

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This is not possible today, the customer can choose the slots available as configured at the Bookings service level. Customer cannot choose a custom start date / date range.

  • @Babu_Alagarsamy  thank your for the information. Do you know if this Feature is planed for the Future? 
As a work around, you could create 4 different services for the same thing and alter the timing accordingly. i.e service (a) is 1 day long, service (b) is 2 days long, etc

This would allow the customer to choose, but more setup work for you.