Custom Fields not showing in confirmation emails or outlook invite

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I've set up a shared booking calendar for one of our sales team. 

I've set up 2 services: an initial virtual call and then an on-site meeting.

2nd type = Security Consulation:
Meeting type is on-site.
Custom fields include: 

  • Customer Company Name
  • Customer Address
  • Products to be discussed


  • I've disabled the Teams invite option on this service but it's still showing in the customer invite.
  • When the invitation comes through, it doesn't have any of the custom fields contained in the appointment for either me or the customer
  • It's not synching with the sales person's calendar for availability.

Having looked at previous threads on this:

I can create custom fields and make them mandatory

The maximum of attendees is set to 1 (ie not a group service)

The sales consultant has shared his calendar with me with the access can see when I'm busy.


Thanks in advance for help!
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