Can Bookings limit appointments to a date range?

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Is there a way to set a "Special offer" so that people can book themselves  but I only want certain dates shown, not a calendar with all dates.


Any help much appreciated.



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Hi there!


There are no controls to do this inside Bookings but there are workarounds for this. It depends on how you have your reservation page set up.


The easiest way I would recommend would be to create an "Offer" Bookings page. This allows you to create one Bookings calendar only for that event, and then you can block the times/days that do not work for you. You will have to manually block (using Time-off) after the day your offer is available, since Time-off blocks the staff member's calendar, I would recommend using a free account to set up that staff member.


Let me know if this helps, I am happy to explain in more detail if needed.


Hi Gabriel

Thanks for the reply. I'll give it a go and come back to you. I just wanted to say 'Thank you', I really appreciate you taking the time to think this through.


Hi Gabriel


I've just looked at this and fallen at the first hurdle!  


When you say "create an 'Offer' Bookings page," I'm not clear on that. Can I have more than one Bookings page? A "normal" one and several 'Offers' ones?


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Hi Steve,


Yes, you can create as many Bookings pages as you want/need.

From the Bookings page, click on the down facing arrow next to your calendar name (i'm attaching a screenshot for reference). You can see that there is the option to "Open" or "New". With new, you will be able to create another calendar completely independent from the one you already have. The "Open" option gives you a window that allows you to search for previosuly created calendars in your tenant (you can see all the calendars but will only be able to open the ones you manage or have been added to).


Hope this helps!

Hey Gabriel!


Thank you, this workaround does it . . . I need to now make sure the user is happy with it ;o)


From my point of view it's a clever way to get the system to work for us. With my extremely limited knowledge of Bookings I would never have thought of this without you, so, thanks again!


Hi Steve,


I received an email stating that your Bookings calendar was loading events for 10 mins. I couldn't find the thread but if you still have that issue. Could you send me a screenshot of what you are seeing?


Bookings doesn't take that long, even when setting Exchange for the first time.



Hi Gabriel

I posted that to a new thread, then though "what if I exit and start again." This worked. It's still occasionally doing that (exiting and restarting Bookings 'fixes' it). Next time I'll get a screenshot and post again.



Hi Gabriel


Are there any plans to introduce the feature of limiting appointments to a date range?


We would prefer not to create separate email/accounts on, as the whole point of using Office 365 is to have an integrated and holistic solution.


Many thanks


Hi Mark,


Thanks for your feedback! It is definitely a scenario we are evaluating but have not timeline for it yet.

I recommend that you submit your request at our UserVoice channel.



@GaboThis would be a great feature, as we are looking to use the Bookings App for monthly mentoring events, which will have several mentors with different ones working on each month.


How we are looking at doing it:

-- Set up a different service for each monthly mentoring evening (it would be great to have a "duplicate" function here!).

-- Each mentor is added as a staff member.

-- Only sign up the available mentors each month.


So, it would be amazing if we could have a date range available for each service, as we could then set it to a particular date for each monthly mentoring evening...


Do you know if this is on the enhancements list yet?