Bug: Group Booking service saved with mobile app results in single bookable event

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When setting up a service in Microsoft Booking through the website I am able to make a Group Booking event with a certain number of seats. Customers joining this service works as expected untill the service is opened / saved in the Microsoft Bookings iOS app (probably Android too). 


The service is then reverted back to a service with maximum of 1 attendance per assigned employee. 


Only workaround I found was to recreate the service and stay away from it from the mobile app and instruct all other employees with rights to do the same. 

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@mauritspijl This is happening to us aswell!

Our bookings page is public facing for booking 2hr access to on campus library computers.

The service is a group booking of 12 yet 1 person has booked multiple days which are now not bookable by anyone else.

This bug with group bookings combined with the resceduling a group booking moving everyone within that group is really disappointing and is forcing us to reconsider using bookings!