Bookings on Education tenant? Can we use it?

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So we are able to access bookings through URL in our Education tenant (Office 365 Education for faculty)


Q1: Can we use it / Are we allowed to use it?


Q2: When is it coming *offically* to Edu tenants?



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Yes please, so many people want this function in education!

This looks like agreat App, it would be perfect in an eduaction environment.  Is it coming to Education Tenants?

I agree, my institution is asking for this as well.  When will it be enabled? 

@Markus Hagman wrote:

So we are able to access bookings through URL in our Education tenant (Office 365 Education for faculty)


Q1: Can we use it / Are we allowed to use it?


Q2: When is it coming *offically* to Edu tenants?




Hi Markus,


It's great to see customers wanting to use our products!

We plan to bring Bookings to EDU customers in the near future but don't have a timeline to share yet.


Regarding your first question, I will guess you mean you can use it through the direct path URL.


We recommend to not use this link to access Bookings, as it is an unsupported path to the service. We are working to address this, at which point unsupported subscriptions will no longer have access to the app or any associated data.





Any news on this one?

This would be perfect for booking computer labs, booking appointments with guidance counselors, social workers and psychologists. Any updates as to when education will get it?

Any news on this?

yes please.

Hi Oskar,


Bookings for EDU licenses has been added to the Office roadmap. We are working to define timelines but expect to news in the next month.



Hi Gabriel,


I have checked the road map and noticed some changes and updates yesterday on Bookings:


Microsoft Bookings release in EDU subscriptions

Microsoft Bookings will be available in our current paid Office 365 Education subscriptions, A3 and A5.
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When is the official release please (if you know when it is going to be available)?

Hi Veronika,


We sent a communication to EDU admins about Bookings. We are rolling out Bookings to our A3 and A5 licenses. It can take some months for the code to reach everyone.


Some A3 and A5 users already have Bookings in the app launcher.


When will this be available for the A1 education tenants? Even as a paid add-on? I can't find any information on this. 

Hi Bryant,


Thanks for your question! Due to Bookings being a premium service it is not available for A1 licenses and we don't have a plan to make it available as a paid add-on.


In order to use Bookings, your users would need an A3, A5, Business Premium, E3, E5, or Microsoft 365 Business.



Is there any update on the rollout status for A3/A5 customers?

I can use it in my A1 Plus directly through the link, but there is still no trace of it in the admin center.

That worked for me as well with an A3 (E3) license, but also no mention of it in the admin center.

Funny enough that worked for me as well with our standard A1 license. I've been trying to figure out how to get A1 plus though....

Hey everyone,


I wanted to address this. Please read my previous post on this same thread. Licenses that do not have support for Bookings will eventually lose access to the service when we finalize some backend work.


A3 and A5 have official access to Bookings as on by default. We are rolling out to cover those SKUs so it could take a while to reach everyone. If you are an A3/5 customer and you use the direct link, once you get Bookings through the roll out all your data will be there.



Hi Douglas,


We are rolling out Bookings to all A3/5 customers but it can take some time to reach everyone. The direct path will work for you and once the rollout gets to you, you will see the admin controls.