Bookings Embedding Broken Teams Links, Even With "Add Online Meeting" Turned Off

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Bookings has begun to embed a Teams link into calendar appointments, even when "add online meeting" has been turned off. The link is broken however, but confuses our customers non the less.

This is what is embedded in a test appointment we just booked. AGAIN, the "add online meeting" is 100% turned off.

Join the Teams Meeting from your mobile web browser:
If you're joining from another device, use the link below.


I masked the link, but when the link is clicked is simply returns a browser window with JSON. Anyone know if this bug has been reported to Microsoft?

{"errors":[{"message":"The JoinWebUrl field is required.","statusCode":400,"stackTrace":null}],"operationId":"357b5541-8dcc-4742-9004-2a782e1b7e60"}


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I am seeing the same behavior with our shared booking pages.

Creating lots of confusion among candidates booking for interviews.

I filed a feedback, but Microsoft does not make it easy to communicate when bugs like this present after they push updates. I would recommend anyone experiencing this do the same.

I wish they had a better bug reporting method though. Clearly an update they pushed botched something.

The issue went away when we disabled the "Send a meeting invite to the customer, in addition to the confirmation email" Service->Notifications setting. The additional email isn't needed anymore as you can download the calendar appointment in the confirmation.