Assigned staff don't get booking details

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I use bookings to schedule IT maintenance and upgrades between our third-party IT provider and our users. I:

  • created an Office Calendar
  • added it as a Staff member (it's Guest, which is the only option allowed)
  • set it as the assigned staff member for the Services
  • and then I shared with our IT provider.

In the hopes that when users book services, the helpdesk should be able to see them. But the events that get logged on the shared calendar don't show the booking details that I get to see in the Bookings backend, or if I set myself as the assigned staff member for those Services.


I see this in the backend or when I'm the assigned staff member (the event has all the user entered details):



But our IT provider only sees this (which is named the same as the Company we named in Bookings, and has NO detail):



I need our IT provider to see the details, like the persons name and mobile number to call them on.


I suspect that something about the shared calendar is causing the issue as it works fine when the assigned staff member is a user, rather than a shared calendar.


Being able to do this will save us a LOAD of time internally, as we don't need to be the "man in the middle", organising convenient times for everyone...

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Thanks for the feedback. Currently, Bookings allows any email address to be added as staff.
If the email address belongs to a non-licensed user or entity (e.g., a user outside the organization or shared mailbox), the staff will be added in a Guest role.
For Guest roles, Bookings will not sync with their calendar for reading free/busy or add the meeting invites to the calendar.