Another bug in Bookings: time slots are random

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What I need: a simple tool for my colleagues with which they can book a 20-minute time slot on a few dates. I tried MS Booking and filled in the exact time slots in the 'company hours': 9.00 - 10.00 (yielding 3 time slots of 20 minutes of course), 10.10 - 11.10 (yielding another 3 time slots), etc.

On the 'booking page', at the time interval section, I filled in: 20 minutes.


The result for my colleagues: the weirdest times can be booked. See screenshot.
Any one who recognises this strange behaviour?


Screenshot 2022-03-16 144149.jpg

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Is the service 'Dinsdag 5 apr' using the default scheduling policy?
Availability can be set at two levels - at the Bookings calendar level (which can apply to all services) or at an individual service level. If you want the service to use the default settings, then the flag for 'use the default scheduling policy' needs to be enabled. Can you cross-check if this is the issue faced?
When I enable that, you cannot choose one of the available times anymore, as a result of which you can't book a specific time. Even though the default scheduling is set to 20 minutes too.
MS helped me with this issue. It appeared that it all has to be set at the individual service levels. And the default scheduling policy needs to be unchecked.
It works like a charm now.

I'm facing the same issue and have edited the individual service calendar to be bbetween8am-5pm and turned off default settings. Still the time slots are between 1am-9am. How do I get the MS's supports attention? Thanks. @ArthurWW 

Hi @skhan655
It seems you did what I did to get it solved. If it isn't I don't know how to solve it in another way. It is not very user-friendly...
I would advise you to contact MS.
How were you able to speak with Mircrosoft? Thank you!

@rlcarswell Sorry for my late response!
I emailed email address removed for privacy reasons and was then invited for a call. At first they weren't present at the time we agreed upon, but after that we did have a call and they solved it.
But Bookings is typically Microsoft - i.a. not intuitive at all.
Good luck, Arthur