X-axis labels (Date) in Excel Chart

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I'm trying to edit a single label on the X-axis of my Excel chart.  I have a simple time series chart with date labels on the x-axis. I have chosen a single letter for the month.  I want to edit the first month of the year (J) only and change it to 2020. The next label should remain F. 


I attached a copy of the Excel file and a screenshot of what the X-axis labels should look like.


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I would like to mention a No Code Data Visualization add-in for the requirement you mentioned. You can play while you are making data for chart. You have to select "Sentiment Trend Chart" from "Sentiment Analysis Charts" section. A detail video and sample sheet contains chart and data is there for help purpose. 


You can check here for Microsoft Excel & Office 365.


And if you are comfortable with Google Sheets, you can find here.