When using Planner I can't upload files from PC as I used to be able to do?

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It now forces me to select from SharePoint or a link?  This seems a sudden decrease in functionality?

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@ColinFBMH are you accessing the Planner from Teams tab? If so, go to and you should able to see the option to upload the file from the computer. 

@Santhosh Balakrishnan  Thank you.  Indeed I am accessing the Planner from the tab in Teams.  Felt sure I had uploaded the from shared drive using the tab but perhaps not.  Are we saying this feature is simply not allowed using the tab?  I'm surprised why not?

@ColinFBMH Uploading files from Tab in teams is not supported, maybe it will be available in future

The reason for the design choice here @ColinFBMHwas that compared to the experience in the web it isn't as obvious where you'd want to put a document.  Rather than re-invent the wheel it was thought that using the Teams UI to add a document and then the Planner UI to link could achieve the right result  - and allow work on additional features rather than duplicating code.  Sorry for the extra few clicks needed here.

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@Brian Smith Thank you and to the earlier posters.  So is the design issue permanent and we always won't be able to upload from a shared drive form the Planner tab in teams?  For now we need to (i) upload from 'attach files' the Planner app on or  use the link from the elipse in Files?

Never say never @ColinFBMH - but there are no current plans that I am aware of to change this.  And yes, you can use the other upload options you mention.

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@Santhosh Balakrishnan 


I am using SharePoint with Planner and no upload option for "From Computer", what am I needing to do in order to resolve this?