what will happen to my PPT (365 & 2016)

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I purchased Office 2016 (single buy),

And only now I found out that some features  exists only in office 365 subscription (zoom & morph in PowerPoint which I really want)


My questions –

I can buy now Office 365 Personal and edit my ppt with the new effects,

let assume I cancel the office 365 subscription in 1 month

(but I still have the single buy edition !),

I assume that the new features will be disabled (i will need to reinstall my version ?)

Can I edit my PPT in which I used the new effects ? (i assume not)

What will happened to other PPT that I created with my 2016 version (and doesn't have new features) ?

Can I keep using my 2016 version to create new ppt ?




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That's correct some features are only available with an Office 365 subscription, same for features like Researcher in Word and more besides.


Only having the subscriber version for a month say, will only gain you access to those exclusive features for that amount of time.  Going back to the single buy version won't help, as that version won't have any understanding of the exclusive subscriber features.  Also, as you may know already, the versions can't coexist, so you can only have one at any time.


I think it might just be a case of working out whether it's worth paying for a subscription and all the benefits it brings or just sticking with what you have got and doing out with those other features.