What software is best for creating Mobile Checklists

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Hi There my name is Nicky and I'm new to the group


One of the main parts of my job is creating test instructions for checking and testing control panels wired up to our systems to check the condition and functionality of the panels and systems before they are despatched.


All my instructions are currently in word format but I would like to convert them into a mobile app that could be completed on the shop floor, once completed I would also like to create a PDF of the completed form to save on our server.


Forms is sort of what I would like to use but it seems a bit simplistic and more for completing surveys than something that could be used to perform inspections.


I've had a quick look at powerapps, which seems like a complicated piece of software to use, I would consider trying to learn it if I thought it could do what I'm trying to achieve.


I've looked at 3rd party software like GoCanvas but can't see my company investing, if there is software in our office 365 suite that will already do what I want it to do, at no extra cost.


Hoping someone could point me in the right direction

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Really looking forward to any real answers as i need the same sort of solution. Been looking at IAuditor which seems reasonable, price wise, and has great functionality.  @Magnetman12 




It seems a relatively simple thing I want to do but with no obvious simple solution, the more I read about power apps the more I get lost in the Jargon without finding a simple answer.


Gocanvas seems easy to use and would work, but they want $45 dollars per month for every user, I cannot see my company paying for that.


I have spent ages setting up my word documents with restricting and interactive tick boxes and tables, but when I tried to use them on a tablet they were clunky and awkward to complete.


I didn't realise there were modern cloud and app based solution available.

I'm looking at that Iauditor now, for 10 or less users free?
That may be enough for what I need we have 2 field engineers, 2 factory based production electricians, and two inspectors. Hmmm lets see what it like.
I see in the advertising that it is used by Schneider that are one of our supplier.

You only get to have a go at 10 inspections/audits on the free trial but you can make your own or search for a suitable template to change. The paid subscription is $15 a month for 5 users and the online tutorials are excellent. I've done 2 and the analytics one to go. having played with it i think its awesome. Do the first webinar in the series then create your checklist before you do the inspection 'live', that way you'll get maximum value from the 'free' goes.@Magnetman12 

OK I will try, I have have hit a hurdle already I completed one of the templates, and tried to send the report as a pdf.

Through my email I received a link to download the pdf, on following the link I was asked to insert my phone numbers to receive a one time SMS to download the app (I assume to my pc) but it comes back as invalid phone number.




Sussed it had to put +44 in front of the number instead of a 0.

It's especially handy to be able to do your checklist / Audit on your mobile phone! @Magnetman12 

@Magnetman12 - PowerApps is the best option if you're looking for a solution that doesn't cost anything (as its included in the Office365 plan). Agree, not always as simple as it sounds but with a little trial & error you should be able to get there. Try searching on YouTube, there's always someone out there with the same problem and a video to fix it (I searched & found How to Make an Inspection App in PowerApps - YouTube) or, if you have some funds, look for someone that makes PowerApps for a living. One guy (Shane Young - YouTube) that does a lot of tutorials also has Power Apps and Power Automate Consulting | PowerApps911


As for the convert to .pdf element, again PowerApps &/or Microsoft Flow can do this for you. See PowerApps PDF Generator using Microsoft Flow PDF Converter - YouTube

Thanks Allan sorry I didnt reply sooner, hadn't checked back for a little while.
I will take another look at the power apps.