Use Test Lab Guides to build out your Microsoft 365 Enterprise dev/test environment


Set up a Microsoft 365 test environment with trial or paid subscriptions for Office 365 and EMS and create your own customized IT sandbox for learning, proof-of-concept, planning, or dev/test. See the set of Microsoft 365 Test Lab Guides at




See for more Microsoft 365 deployment resources.


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Fantastic Joe - this resource ( is going to go down well with a lot of people I am meeting up with at Ignite Berlin looking for an overall onboarding methodology for M365. The visualisation is much needed. I used this approach a lot with Corp when M365 Business was first coming out; it complements the 'pyramid' method of Office 365 > Windows 10 then tying it together with Intune.

Best, Chris

Thanks a lot for you feedback, Chris!


Let us know if any improvements can be made to better support end-to-end onboarding for Microsoft 365.