Upload Failed errors in Word

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When downloading a MS Word document from an SAAS vendor, editing the document and then trying to save back to the vendor site, we are getting "Upload Failed" errors, requiring that we save the document to our local drive.  We have used the vendor for 2 yrs and this is the first time we have gotten this error message.  We have tried several things to prevent this error:

  1.  In Word Options>Save, we have checked the box that deletes documents from Office Document cache when they are closed and have deleted the cached files
  2. We have named the SAAS vendor url as a Trusted Site in our Internet Options in Windows 10
  3. We have updated Office to the latest download
  4. All the settings in Word Options Trust Center are default
  5. We have cleared browser history, temp file and cached images/file from all internet browsers used

Any other suggestions to resolve this error message?

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