UI of Office 2021 do not change after update

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Hi guys, recently I updated my Microsoft Office to 2021 LTSC Pro Plus Preview but I found that it doesn't change anything so I'm confused because I saw others with the 2021's version have rounded corner UI and I wanted to try it too. Anyone knows what's happening and what should I do to get the new rounded corner UI?

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@JianYu sadly, Microsoft Support confirms that new UI matches Windows 11 is not available for Office LTSCScreenshot 2021-10-07 144907.png

and you have to buy Office Home and Student 2021 or Home and Business 2021 to get the new UI
Hi, I have the same problem, I bought Office 2021 Pro Plus (not LTSC), updated the Office apps to the last version but i have the old UI, what I have to do?

@JianYu I have office 365 installed on 4 pc's all running Windows 10 Pro using the same subscription. 3 of them have the new UI and one is still stuck on the old UI. All are showing the same Office version.

@cmurry1370 You can try to tap the [What's New] icon on the upper right of Office Apps and see whether it shows an option for you to try the new looking of Office Apps [Screenshot Attached]

@JianYuI see you were successfully able to switch to the new UI. How did you get there? I can't see any option for getting help or announcements: