Transferring 365 Personal subscription from one device to another

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I'm considering buying a Microsoft 365 subscription, but my current computer is somewhat old and I'm likely going to replace it within the next year or so. If I buy a Personal subscription to Microsoft 365, and then replace my computer while that subscription is still active, is there a way I can move the subscription to the new computer with me?

From what I've seen, it looks like the Personal plan only allows you to support one PC/Mac at a time, but what I'm wondering is if there's a way to change which computer is being supported during the duration of the subscription.

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@wmizgerd : You can easily manage on what devices office is installed and deactivate it from the portal. That way when you start using the new laptop, just login into your personal account via browser delete the old laptop from there and install office on new laptop. Ref article :