Ticketing system consolidation leveraging Teams/external website.



I am trying to find a best solution to the problem we have with our current ticketing systems. 

Currently, we have either a traditional ticketing system, where users can go to submit a ticket, or a listserv that they can email.  Not all of our users use one more than the other, and there is the option for them to simply email another person and have a request sent in from another admin/supervisor, which then doesn't get tracked(similar to how the listserv doesn't have any tracking capabilities). 

I am trying to come up with a solution for our users as a one stop shop to submit a ticket, with the intent on shutting off the other two options. 

What I am looking for is a system that sits in our 365 environment, that can be accessed through the Teams app, and possibly allow replies to be sent directly back to the user,(status changes, questions, etc) regardless if they use/have a 365 email in our system or a personal email (gmail,yahoo, etc) for when/if they get locked out of their 365 accounts.

Is there a way to create a form that can sit on our website that they can fill out, that will generate a ticket in a Teams channel or group, and have some sort of statistics on the backend that an admin can see (such as who usually handles tickets, common resolutions etc)?  

I am relatively new to all of the features in Flow, Forms, etc, and am looking for some insight into this! 



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