Text Editor for MS 365 Web?

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I do the bulk of my work on the desktop (usually a Mac, sometimes a Windows 10 or 11 machine) and keep most important documents in my OneDrive folder. Part of the reason for using OneDrive is to easily keep its contents available when I switch from one computer to another. On my main computers, I have OneDrive and the Office apps installed and use them extensively. However, I tend to frequently jot down quick notes to myself using whatever text editor makes sense for the platform (vim, TextEdit on Mac, NotePad on Windows). That works fine on the computers where I have OneDrive installed, but I sometimes use other computers and want to use the web interface entirely to create and edit unformatted text files. This works great for Office files, but I find the built-in text editor pretty rudimentary. Is there a substitute available for use with the web interface?

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Hi Gary, have you tried the Sticky Notes app. You can now sign into your M365 account, and all your sticky notes can be accessed via the web, mobile apps and any other computer where you have signed into the sticky note's desktop app. Sticky Notes may still be too basic for you, but you can access them from multiple devices.