Teams plugin Outlook parses wrong Meeting link on Mac

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Hello all,


In our organization we are encountering a possible bug on Teams plugin in Outlook:
A colleague is always getting in Teams meetings the wrong link with a greater than sign ">" parsed at the link final:

Microsoft Teams meeting 

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Click here to join the meeting <
Learn More <>  | Meeting options <
Equipment: macOS Big Sur, Version 11.6.5, MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015)
Microsoft Outlook for Mac, Version 16.59 (22031300)
License: Microsoft 365 Subscription

Belongs to his account


P.S: he always has to copy the link and modify it by manually removing the greater than sign ">"


I've tried to Sign out -> Sign into Teams/Office account and furthermore reinstalled Office tools but without any success on this issue

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