Staged migration of email - Exchange2007 to ExchangeOnLine

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Hi all,

I need to migrate from Exchange 2007 to ExchangeOnLine through the "stage Migration" and I have some doubts following this guide:


In the point "Start the staged migration batch" I use a CSV file to migrate users, the batch starts and is in syncing status and I guess it will arrive in finalize automatically. At that point the mailbox exists in the cloud and in onpremise but is not synchronized, right?


The guide later says to "Convert on-premises mailboxes to mail-enabled users so that migrated users can get to their email". For this point it says to run scripts, is it possible to do it manually avoiding scripts? 

Let's say we used scripts or a manual configuration, at which point the outlook must be reconfigured to connect to ExchangeOnLine? Or stay connected to the exchangeonpremise?




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There is no incremental sync if that's what you are asking. As for converting to mail users, you can do it manually, yes.

Hi @Vasil Michev,

how i can convert manually?

Run the same set of PowerShell cmdlets yourself?

@Vasil Michev you aren't helpful but thanks anyway

Hello Angelo,

you need the scripts provided by Microsoft to convert the "legacy" on-premises mailboxes into mail-enabled users.
If I understand you well with "manual" you mean if you have the option to convert a mailbox user to a mail-enabled user over the graphical interface? If that is your question, no, unfortunately as of today we do not have that option and we need the scripts from Microsoft for that task as more steps and specially active directory attributes has to get updated for that purpose.

Please let us know if we can assist you further

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