Share appointments with security guards team

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Hello, I'm looking for the best way to share appointments to the security guard teams at the entrance of the site. So they could check when visitors ar comming.
Actually we have a  shared mailbox, wich each security guard has access to. I think this is a good security pratice to prevent the use of generic account.

Ideally, employees would share their appointments calendar but this doesn't seems possible with shared mailbox.

Another idea is to share the security's calendar with the employees with modify rights but it would "force" employees to copy their appointments in the calendar.


What could be best (and not too complicated) solution ?


Thank you

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Hi, I'm back with some more tests. In fact calendar sharing to the shared mailbox account is working. But, delegated user have to open it with "Open another mailbox" in OWA. He then have a full view of the calendars in another tab. Idea was to add it in personnal account view but seems only possible with direct sharing. Anyway, We will work like this. Regards