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Send email notification after provisioning License to an user.

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Is there an option on Azure or Office 365 to send notification to a particular recipient after provisioning an E3 License?



Prakash NC

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There's no way to send custom notifications, but the user will get plenty of first launch notifications the first time they open certain applications through the web (OneDrive, Outlook, SharePoint, etc),

Thanks, Max.

I am aware that the user might get those notifications but, I was checking if Admin or any other recipient can get the notifications when license is provisioned and/or mailbox gets created.

I think, this feature would be helpful for anyone if MS consider adding it.






I would suggest adding this as a feedback item on UserVoice:

Yep. Will do. Thanks.

What's the end goal here? If you want to keep track of license assignments, you can use the Audit logs and even attach an alert to any "license" event. You can also simply create a PowerShell script that assigns the license and sends an email to the designated recipient.

Use this link to create the Activity Alerts.
Navigate to Policies-->Alert Policies-->Activity Alerts(you will find this in the descriptive header just above the +New alert policy).

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