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The clean responsive display of withe the recent activity feeds is pretty neat.  Unfortunately we are getting persistant errors when utilising the [Search Online Documents] on the portal page.

Results are returned from the email section; however, no search results are returned from Sharepoint or Onedrive.

Instead we see the error: "Hmm, something's not working. Please try again later."


Delve is finding results without an issue.  Is there anything that needs to be configured for the Office365 Home page Search settings?

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I also encountered such issue.

The error "Something went wrong" most of time occurs due to browser cache getting filled up. Try clearing it and restarting the browser or try to use IE as administrator for this purpose.

I've had the same problem last week that actually one day it would not even let me into O365. 

Update: This was resolved for us by the Microsoft O365 Broad Commercial Escalation Team.  In their words "...update from the backend side, they have done a change in the backend, would you please help to check if issue is resolved on your side?"


There was definitely something amiss on the backend.  It is now resolved.