Scheduling Assistant, Reoccurring Meetings and Room Finder

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Hello fellow O365 community members,


I am troubleshooting an issue for one of our employees, where she is using Scheduling Assistant to create a Reoccurring Meeting, and using Room Finder to choose an available room.


Unfortunately, I also have the same issue, and cannot find a way to make it work properly.


  1. I open Outlook (Mac), click on the Calendar tab, and click New Items -> Meeting.
  2. I enter in the subject of the meeting (i.e. Test Meeting).
  3. I click on the Recurrence icon, and set the weekly reoccurrence (e.g. 10 AM to 12 PM each Tuesday). I also adjust the first date and end date to be Tuesdays.
  4. I click on the Scheduling Icon.
  5. I click on Room Finder, select our company wide Rooms List (we only have 6 meeting rooms).
  6. The Rooms Finder detects a Room that is available, I double click it to select it. (I notice that it is available for today).
  7. I go back to Appointment, fill in the body of the meeting, and click Send.
  8. I get a rejection email from the room saying (I have to omit some details for privacy, sorry!)

    Screenshot 2020-03-26 at 16.10.05.png
  9. I check my Outlook calendar and the Room calendars and all meeting requests in the series are not there.


Has anyone come across this before? Or found a way for Scheduling Assistant, Reoccurring Meetings and Room Finder to magically work together?


It may simply be that it is not a feature of Room Finder. I also come across the same issue in Outlook on the Web.


Thank you!


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The meeting was rejected by the meeting room because there were too many conflicts in your recurrence pattern.


Your Exchange administrator can configure how many or how many percent of your recurrences can create conflicts before the meeting room rejects your invitation.


Also see; Create and manage room mailboxes