Scan to SharePoint with Metadata in the file property

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We are planning to purchase a scanner, to scan the pending document and the daily running document to SharePoint, but the scanner should have the option to scan directly to SharePoint, and assign the metadata to the file property, we can design the columns in the document library for the types of metadata that we have, such as column of "type" it will have values of invoice, report, ID, etc.

I used to have this option working in Fujitsu scanners, but not anymore, I was scanning and assigning the metadata before uploading to SPO, and there is no need to go to SPO to assign them to each file.

and now in their latest software, they are assigning the metadata in separate file, not as file property.


Please advise.

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I guess here you have to rely on the Scanner you purchase for this. I know there are scanners that can capture some metadata in the file name and later you can use that to automate the classification of your files in SharePoint
in my old scanner, (Fujistu 7610) the provided application was able to enter the metadata of the file before release it to be uploaded to SPO. in this way, we can operate from the scanner application, without going to SPO for manually entering, or for any power automate solution.