Retention Policy to Archive Deleted Items

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I need to setup a Retention Policy to move all Deleted items to Online Archive that are at least 1 year old... and all Sent Items to Archive that are at least 2 years old.


I am choosing the option "Automatically to default folder" and then the appropriate folder.

But... There is no Archive Retention Action - just "Delete and allow recovery" and "Permanently delete."


How might I accomplish the above without the user having to apply a policy on their own?

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If you want to have different retention periods for the "archive" action, you will have to work with personal tags, as the folder-specific ones don't support the action, and you can only have one Default tag. You can apply tags programmatically via EWS if needed, though educating the users is probably the better option here.



You need to have your own custom for this case