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Hi All,


I have created a Distro list which will contain internal and external users. I have set up the Distro list to allow 'Only senders inside my organization' to send messages to the group, and further limited the senders to one person, the owner. (See attachment). 


What occurs is: I send an email To: TestDistro@<mydomain>. When the external users reply, they get the standard 'Cannot be delivered' bounce message, the Distro list does not get the message, but the Owner of the Distro list receives the message.


My question is: How do I set up my Distro List Owner not to receive replies from anyone in the list?

Would I have to put a rule on the owners Inbox to move any messages from the Distro list to the Deleted items folder?


Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Not sure I understand the issue here, if the mail was rejected, it will not be delivered to anyone in the group, be it owner or member. Best run a message trace to see what happens:

@Vasil Michev 

Hi Vasil, thank you for your response.

It does seem strange but this is the flow....(I am the owner of the Distro list)

From my OWA, I create a new email - To: TestDistro@<mydomain>

This email is sent to a Gmail user -

The replies

The gets a bounce message

I get the email in my inbox.


I have attached a screenshot of the message trace, of the sent and received email, and the bounce message.

Thanks again for your input.


Get the "detailed" message trace, it should hopefully give you an idea why the message was sent to the owner.

@Vasil Michev 

I believe it was sent to the owner, because the email To TestDistro was sent From the owner. A Distro list doesn't have it's own mailbox. It must be sent from a delegated person who has Send as and Send on Behalf...which is me (and I am also the owner). So the reply is sent to the delegate who happens, in this case, to also be the owner.




@Vasil Michev 


After reading my response to you, I realized why I was receiving an email from the outside user. I did not change the "From:" box to be TestDistro@<mydomain>.


I was using OWA, and I needed to click on the ellipse (next to discard in a new email) and select 'Show From'. That will show the From box above the To box. Then I needed to click the box containing the word 'From' to produce a list of mailboxes I had Send as/Send on Behalf permissions on.


I realize this is easier in Outlook client, but I use OWA more frequently than Outlook client, and that is where I was running this test.


Sorry for the confusion.

Thanks for your help.