Rendering online .webp images in Outlook 365 for Windows

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I just received a HTML newsletter that contained some online webp images. Outlook does not display them.


This blog post suggests that Outlook does support webp provided you have the Webp Image Extensions installed. I do.


When I send a message to my self and insert a .webp image, it does show up. But.... when I Iook at the message source it seems to be converted to .png and there is no way to save it as .webp.


Am I doing something wrong or is this a case of "fake it til you make it"?

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Just tested Mozilla Thunderbird on the same machine. This displays online .webp images perfectly.

More in general HTML newsletters that I receive from various sources look better in Thunderbird. Outlook tends to ignore styling for tables. Fonts are replaced by the default Outlook font, cells get blown up to the original image width etc.