Question on 365 on my old and new PCs

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I have my "old" desktop PC" (Win 10 Home) and my "new desktop PC " (Win 11 Pro).

Some months ago when I signed up for 365 i did some process to get it onto my "old desktop PC".

Last night I got it installed on my "new desktop PC" . All is on my "new desktop PC" and working. All the colorful icons for the individual programs are.


However I look at the icons on my "old desktop PC" and they are labeled as "Word 2016" etc. I see this and I question if something weird is going on. Are they really 2016 versions? I thought 365 was supposed to keep you up to date with the latest and greatest revisions which would be 2021.  If I click on the properties of each icon, it says installed in 2018. So it looks old.  I was expecting to see a more recent date like 2021 or so.


I look on my "new desktop PC" and I obtain info about each program and it shows rev levels in 2021. So that looks good on that new machine. 


I was thinking of going in on my "old desktop PC" and deleting it all and reinstalling thinking that something is wrong and it needs to be redone.  So I engaged my Revo-Unistall program and it is weird in that the individual MS office programs do not show up individually. Why? I do see the Red 365 icon labelled 365 - en - us of about 2448 MB. So I am confused as to what I should see and if what I am seeing is good or bad. When I go to settings and look at uninstall apps, I see the same things. So at least that is consistent.  And, when I go to setting in my "new desktop PC" I see the same things. I can't seem to find anything on my "old desktop PC" which indicates the installed office programs are the most recent as they are supposed to be.


Both computers are showing up when I log into my Microsoft account as being on Microsoft 365. So that is good.


Does anybody have any comments which might let me know what is going on and what makes sense and any possible next steps. I am making a transition to the new computer so this is not a huge issue but it is really bothering me cuz I do not fully understand what is going on!


Thanks in advance!

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