Quarantine Digest


So just curious I did not see one, but is there a quarantine digest maybe a daily one that can be turn on. I find myself checking the quarantine area twice a day.

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There are options available that an administrator can configure for end-user spam notifications in Exchange Online:


Configure end-user spam notifications in Exchange Online




According to the documentation, these are disabled by default and can be configured with how often to send the digest, the default being three days with a value of between 1 and 15 days available.


"If you specify 7 days, for example, the notification will include a list of all messages intended for that user within the past 7 days that were sent to the spam quarantine instead."

One thing to note for others, is that the Quarantine Digest is very simple, and cant be modified in any way.

You might also tell users that they should use Outlooks Built In Junkmail function, to add blocked sender to their own safe senders list. Exchange Online Protection will pick up on this, and pass on the mail accordingly.


This is IMO much better than having users constantly complain that something needs whitelisting in Office 365 (which would whitelist for the entire company).