PWAs for Lists can have different behavior

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This post is more for someone from MSFT to forward along to the appropriate product team. 


My organization has a few Microsoft Lists. I can create a progressive web app either from the Microsoft Lists landing page, from which I could then enter any of the Lists; or I can create a web app from the specific List. But there's a difference in functionality. One of my lists has a lookup with linked fields that populate other columns. If I made a PWA from within that specific List, then I can click to filter one of the associated linked columns, and a pane will open with my choices. But if I made a PWA from the Microsoft Lists landing page and then go into the specific List, and then do as before to click a linked column heading to filter, the filter pane opens to a spinning disk and never populates. This is reproducible on various Windows versions. Haven't tried it under different OSs. 

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