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I have already installed 0365 office apps on my device (PC). I have also O365 license from my organization. Recently when I open one the app, on the top of each application I see that i'm already logged in. But on the top of page I get warning that on Sunday 7th of March, most feature of Word will be disabled. After I select 'Reactivate' option it says i'm already logged in. I have also uninstall and install the app but with no chanse12.PNG.


any idea how to fix this? 

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Hi @elaheh good morning. 


What kind of Office 365 license you have? Keep in mind that not all the O365 licenses allow you to work with Desktop Apps. 


If you have the right license, you can log out from office Apps. Also, you can check your work & School account and delete your office 365 account from there and login back. 


If this can't work, I also recommend delete the cached credentials from Windows Security Vault and try again, but be sure you have the right O365 license. 


Here you have more info, about O365 licenses. 

Microsoft 365 with Office apps | Microsoft 365


I hope this can help. 


Good luck!

Thanks, it works. I have the right O365 license. I signed out from all my accounts and then connected again. also deleted the cached credentials.