problem with outlook asking for password

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I am working with a client and their outlook profile keeps asking for an email and password when trying to access a particular outlook folder. I had the client enter in the information and click on saved credentials but it still prompts for a username and password.


The problem we are having is hard to describe so bare with me.


I noticed before I started working on it that when I right clicked on the file it had a "close out" option like the file was a .pst, but when I did a search through the C drive the only .pst file I could find was archive.pst. So the particular folder looks like a .pst file, and it doesn't even give me the file location option when I right click on it. I could not find its location and when I checked the account settings all that was there was the clients main .ost file. Is there a possibility that the file is a .pst but the person who worked on it before me deleted the file in its location? If that is the situation then how could I recover the missing .pst file for this particular folder? My second guess is that it might be an AutoArchive folder?


I went through with the client the quick repair and online repair. It still prompted for a username and password.

I uninstalled the office 365 suite all together and did a reinstall, no luck.

I even rebuilt the .ost account by renaming the main profile .old and it is still asking for a username and password.


What are some other options I can try to get outlook to stop prompting client for a username and password?

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this problem has been resolved. IDK if MS can delete this or not.

how did you resolve this?