PowerShell script to make bulk changes to user attributes in a GAL

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We have 2 GAL’s and I need a script to populate the Organization field with Student. It is simpler too time consuming to do this manually via edit function. Until recently you could select multiple students and make the change but now its one by one. So I need a PowerShell script to help automate this. 



Thank You 

Sarbjit Singh 

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@Sarbjit Singh Gill 


Hi, couple of questions;


Please can you just confirm which field you are referring to?  Perhaps a screenshot if you could?


Also, are you making this change directly from the Office 365 Admin Center, or are you synchronising your on-premises Active Directory to O365 with Azure AD Connect?

You should still be able to use the Exchange Admin Center to make bulk changes, so just do it from there. Or use Set-User/Set-Mailbox as necessary.

@PeterRising The field is "company / organization". 

There is no sync with on-prem AD. 


I figured I could down load all the attributes to a .csv file using a PowerShell command. Amend the csv for the attributes on company / organist ion and push it back up using PowerShell.  




Thank You @Vasil Michev

Yes i can see i can make bulk changes.  

This would work. 



@Sarbjit Singh Gill 


So it looks like the issue you had is now resolved, as you can make  bulk changes in the admin center again?