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I have a laptop with windows 7, office 2003 and a desktop with windows 10 and office 2019. I want to have my slides and script on older laptop and simultaneously record the same presentation from the newer computer. I have the microsoft presenter 3000. Is there a way to advance the slides on both computers with the one microsoft presenter 3000?

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thank you. I'm new at this

Hi @Dania1190 


Not sure about Microsoft Presenter (have never heard of or used it before), but you could try logging into a Teams meeting (or another online technology) with both the old laptop (which has your content) and the newer device (where you want to record), and then record the video session.


After you do that, you could trim/edit the video to polish it up a bit.


That is a round about way to go. The other option if you are looking for a video could be to install screen capturing software on your old laptop and record from there. Then you'd only need to use the one device to get the result (if a video is the result you are after).


Hope that helps with some ideas.