Power Query Editor Window Freezing

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Looking for help in Excel for Office 365.  I load excel files all the time through Power Query and recently it's freezing when I open the Power Query Editor window.  it happens both when I try to Transform or Edit data after it's loaded another way.  I get the Power Query Editor window opn but it doesn't display any data or let me access the header rows for any functions, etc.  A screenshot is attached and thank you for any help.  

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I have the same problem, lags so much that I can't even use my mouse to close the editor again.

Running on a 9th gen i7, 16gb RAM, RTX2060m.

Nice to see the problem still being ignored almost a year later.



Same issue here. Power Query freezes when using Excel 365. I have Excel 2016 installed on my personal computer and it seems to working just fine. 


No issues when using Power Query on Power BI.