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I am keen to find out how the new role based certifications fit into the partner competencies.  For example  the Communications competencies still show older skype for business exams.. are these still viable options to obtain the competency

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For Microsoft's FY20 Q1, I believe all the competencies got updated to the new role based exams except for Communications, Enterprise Resource Planning and Cloud Customer relationship Management..those 3 haven't had a revamp yet.
For the Communications competencies they are still listed as needing the following exams.

Exam 70-334: Core Solutions of Skype for Business 2015
Exam 70-333: Enterprise Voice Skype for Business 2015
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Hi @Ben Rooke

They can all be viewed here

You need people within your organisation to pass the exams as a part of earning competencies, and typically also need seats and a cash payment to Microsoft.

As already mentioned, several have been updated for next year, some remain to be refreshed. Key exams which hit multiple competencies are MS-100 and AZ-103. For the new security competency it is MS-500 and AZ-500 - both security exams.

As already said communication hasn’t been updated yet. This may be MS-300 which covers Teamwork (also required for collaboration) however more than likely it will be a new exam - likely MS-400 - for Voice which should be released in the future and which has been frequently delayed with frequent updates to voice over the past six months. This has been on previous MCT town hall slides over the course of the last year. If it is delayed longer it could mean passing a course on Microsoft Partner Academy, which has long been the case with EMS (although I fully expect them to update this to MS-101 and MD-101).

Hope that helps. There are many reasons to go do the 70- Skype exams both out of personal and professional interest, but there would also be reasons to wait until the competency is refreshed

Hope that helps!

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@Christopher Hoard  Thanks for that Chris.  I am keen to get the teamwork certification done but I am waiting for the exams to come out of beta but have not seen any indication of when this will happen.  I would also be happy to take the legacy Skype exams but there are few places that still run the course.  which is a shame. I will keep an eye out for the MS-400 that you have pointed out... this is the first time i have heard of it so will be very keen on that. 

Hi Ben,

No problem! The Teamwork ones came out of Beta April/May time so good to go. I have two exam guides up at

Yeah, there will definitely be one on voice. I will reach out if I hear anything as I will look to take it myself. Assuming there is a beta you are probably looking at new year at the earliest of something coming into GA. I would keep an eye on Ignite sessions!

Best, Chris