Outlook: Which message highlighted on entering a folder?

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We just migrated to Outlook 365 from 2013.


I have hundreds of folders and sub-folders.


In my old Outlook, every time I enter a folder, the topmost, most recent message was highlighted.


Now, some folders are also like that; but, most folder, the topmost, most recently _read_ message is highlighted - in which case, I need to navigate to the topmost position manually.


Where is this behavior configured?


I want the old behavior in all folders, without exception.


Please, advise. Thank you.


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It always remembers your last e-mail awhile you have Outlook open. If you close and restart Outlook it will then go to the top of the list. I do not see any configuration options to change this.

@Chris Webb 


Unfortunately for me, that is _not_ the case.


As stated in my original post, on entering some folders, the topmost message is highlighted; whereas, on entering other folders, the most recent _read_ message is highlighted.


Since I sort all folders by date, most recent at top, I want to always, always, always see the most recent message on entering any of hundreds of folders.


O, and Outlook is always open. Always.


How is it that Outlook 365 behavior in this regard varies folder to folder?


~ Mike

If not this forum, how else can I get a solution to this problem?

Please, advise. Thank you.

~ Mike