outlook message 0xc0000142

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Hello All,

My outlook wont start anymore, I get a popup it says: cannot start correctly code 0xc0000142. I try a lot of things but nothing help. Anybody please?


regards Petra

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Hey, Another option is to try this tool.


Support and Recovery Assistant for Office 365



Having the same issue and this "fix" doesn't fix the problem at all. In order for it to work, you need to be able to open an application that won't open in the first place

I tried to open an Office app so that I could apply the update but was not able to open anything.  Any suggestions?

Problem with this is that it won't let me start ANY Office application. I can't get at my email. What about a UK freephone, or at least local rate, number?

Precisely the same. Why not provide some "help" that actually helps the paying punters, rather than play a guessing game hoping another punter might know?

Hi Allan, Consider running the Support and Recovery Assistant for Office 365. I fairly sure it will be able to fix your issue. https://diagnostics.office.com/#/Download?env=SOC Best Regards Mark

Ran into this after doing a network troubleshoot. (via Windows 10 Troubleshoot app)
Rebooted my pc and since then have been unable to open any MS Office app.

Running the SOC did NOT fix the issue.

Uninstalling, then reinstalling MS Office fixed the issue.

This solution works with any of MS products. =)

True story :)

Initially I thought the tool had not fixed the problem.  It did report that several files had been repaired.  When I started Outlook I received the same 0xc0000142 error.  I thought that I would have to re-install Outlook 2016 x64.  When I started the install I was prompted that a restart of the computer was needed.  Upon restarting the computer, OneNote started automatically with no problems, and when I clicked on Outlook it too started with no problems.


In my case the secret was in the needed Restart which the tool did not indicate.

This doesn't help as it requires you to open an Office app to complete the update.  Since one cannot open the app, hard to install an update..

Tried start it in safe mode?

Outlook.exe /safe


safe mode doesn't work, produces the same error

This tool is absolutely useless.


After failing to account for my SSO authentication on my main account, I had to sign in with my live ID and it told me the solution was not available to my account.


For real? Really?


So now I have to uninstall all of my office apps and reinstall and reconfigure them? Really?

Floored by this solution that requires you to have the error fixed before being able to try it.

This used to happen intermittently and now I can't get outlook to start regardless of how many times I restart my computer. The 3 solutions suggested on this thread don't work to address the issue.

Since you get this message because the app won't open, that link is not useful.