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Hi.  I've set up my Outlook 365 on my computer (have Verizon/AOL mail).  The Inbox will not update in Outlook.  Its totally empty.  When I check AOL Web mail, there are 33 email messages in my inbox.  I go back to Outlook, hit send/receive and again, no messages in my Inbox.  I have about 15 subfolders under the Inbox (in AOL web mail) and those have all populated into Outlook with messages and are current.  I can even go back to AOL web mail, move a particular email message from the Inbox to a subfolder and when I check the subfolder in Outlook, that message is there and moved with no problem.  How come all of my folders are working fine and syncing up EXCEPT for the Inbox?  I have checked and there is NO filter at all in Outlook.  I have also checked and nothing is "offline".  Lastly, I've checked the IMAP folders and the Inbox is "subscribed".

I can successfully send out an email from Outlook 365 to a different account and it is received so I know there is nothing wrong with my Outlook.  There are no error messages in Outlook when I hit the send/receive button.  Additional information is AOL Mail is an IMAP server.  I've checked and all email server settings in Outlook match what AOL Mail shows to set up as.  Again, there are no error messages in Outlook, and only the inbox will not download.


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Did you get this fixed? I have the same issue. Just started and I have tried all of Microsoft suggestions with no resolve. 

@EchoCharlieI have had the same problem. All Verizon emails stopped magically in MID-DECEMBER!! My Gmail comes through just fine. It is ONLY my AOL accounts. I spent 2+ hours on the phone with MS support last week to NO AVAIL. Sorry . . .  they recommended I contact Verizon. Verizon, however, no longer supports email. When I tried AOL, they want me to use a fee-based service. No thank you. ANY help will be IMMENSELY appreciated. Ironically, all my emails come through just fine on my Android phone which set up automatically.