Outlook for Mac - Calendar preview add-in in inbox possible

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Dear community, 


I am a Macintosh Office 365 user. And I miss the inbox sidebar from Outlook Windows in the Outlook version for Mac, where i can see the dates for the current day. Isn't there this function in outlook for mac available? If not, is there possibly an add-in for this from another provider?

Thanks for feedback.

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Hi CHeydorn,


Thanks for raising this. 


At present, it is not possible to view calendars in/next to the reading pane in Outlook for Mac


There are several user voices open to have it added. These are two examples


I would recommend voting and driving as many people as possible to them in order to get Microsoft's attention on them. Unfortunately, AFAIK there is no third party add-ons which do this so it will be a case of waiting for Microsoft and having to switch into the calendar view for the foreseeable future.


I hope that I answered your question. If I have, please like the post and set it as the solution. I look forward to answering more of your questions in the future.


Best, Chris

Hi Christopher,

Thank you for your reply. I voted for the feature and hope MS will implement it soon.

Kind regards,

is there any update on this happening?@Christopher Hoard 

Hi @dayna_r225

Unfortunately still the same as previously - uservoices have not been picked up yet.

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard Any chance we can get these two topics combined to improve the visibility of this request and the support

Hi @Jeff_Lowe

Unfortunately, Microsoft Team manages the user requests and the site. I have seen them merge requests but it's every once in a while not on a regular basis. so there is many examples of duplicated requests on that uservoice. I would comment on the uservoices requesting that they are merged with each other. Hopefully, they will see this and merge them.

It makes total sense and combines the votes too which should push it up the agenda.

Best, Chris



I found this ticket and they are working on it.  Add your votes to this one.

@Christopher Hoard I have the same issue and have had to revert to the old version of Outlook for Mac. Microsoft...please help.

HI there!


So how do I actually do this? Have googled and found nothing that solved the calendar add in to my Outlook on Mac :) Thanks! /Cecilie @falconsfire 


When I clicked View > Task Pane menu the calendar sidebar is toggled on and off (also there a button on the right hand side that does the same thing - circled in screenshot)

You don't see this?




Hi again!


And thanks for the reply. No, the Task Pane does not appear under my View nor the side bar from your picture. Strange, is it the same Outlook version? Mine is 16.54.





Weird mine also says version 16.54. Pretty strange the whole menu is missing from yours.
Depending how desperate you are, I found this Microsoft tool to reset Outlook settings
I haven't tried it myself, or maybe re-install Outlook? These are all wild guesses :)
Yes, that is weird! Anyway, thank you for the help, I´ll have a look at the link and see if it can help me. Have a great weekend :)

@csjavik I have been struggling with this also but I have figured it out. You need to have the 'New Outlook' toggle in the top right corner switched on and then you will be able to see the menu like in @falconsfire reply :)

Screen Shot 2021-10-31 at 10.31.04 am.pngScreen Shot 2021-10-31 at 10.31.22 am.png

@PrincessPuglet you are amazing.
Just checked and it's definitely the "New Outlook" toggle that enables this
@PrincessPuglet - Thanks!!! There is hope, but as of now I dont have that option, the New Outlook toogle. Its missing on my upper right corner.....could it be bc I´m missing to complete the latest software update? (macOS Monterey)


@csjavik In the same boat here. I just updated, also on 16.54. The number I have in parentheses next to that is "(21101001)". Not sure if that matters.


I really hope we can get this turned on! It would be amazing to be back in Outlook where I belong instead of the gmail site. :unamused:

@JoshuaB_Seattle Ok, then we´re on the same version... Let´s hope this will be fixed when we upgrade..? Gotten so used to the calendar view, it feels off when it´s not there :)
It´s a company mac, so they await the latest upgrade to check all security and systems :o