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When I installed Microsoft 365 on a friend's computer a few months ago, I discovered that Outlook installed as a web-based application, with emails etc installed in the cloud. Is there any way to change this so all the files live on the PC like the earlier version I have on my own computer?

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It really depends on what exactly you purchased/installed. Outlook is still available as a "traditional" desktop app, part of the Office suite, which in turn is included in many (but not all) M365 SKUs.

@Vasil Michev The version of Outlook is part of Microsoft 365 Personal. I did not see during installation any way to install anything but the web version of Outlook. 


Further to above, when I assisted my friend to install Microsoft 365 Personal subscription version on his computer a few weeks ago, we ended up with access to two versions of Outlook. If we go in through outlook.com, it auto-corrects to outlook.live.com/mail/0/inbox and gives us a version that works fine, but there is no ribbon that I can find. If we send an email, it performs correctly and the recipient sees the correct return address in the From field. Clicking Reply sends the reply to that address.


If we access Outlook using the Outlook icon on the desktop, it uses Outlook.exe to access Outlook. We then get a version that has the ribbon and the menu commands etc, as we expect. However, when we send an email, the recipient sees the From address in the form xxxxxx<outlook_4ECE5ADE7A657149@outlook.com>; on behalf of xxxxxx<yyyyyyyyy@zzzz.aaaa.bb> where the x,y,z,a,& b characters are my friend’s name and email address. If the recipient clicks Reply, the To address in the reply shows as only my friend’s correct email address. Initially, recipients saw only the outlook.com address, which bounced when used as the reply, but that has now changed to as described above and works OK. I don’t know why.


The Inbox and Sent Items folders have identical contents no matter which version is used.


This second version of Outlook seems to use Microsoft Exchange and because it shows the ribbon etc seems to be the correct version to use, but the “…..on behalf of…” that the recipient sees in the From field is messy. Is there any way the settings can be changed to show only the email address? I’ve tried changing it in the From box before the email is sent, but the result is the same.


I am also curious about why there are two versions of Outlook when both are on the Web. My preference would be for Outlook to be fully installed on the computer and use a pst file as on my own computer, but that option doesn’t seem to be available. Is there any way to have a local pst file that mirrors the web data?


Many thanks.