Outlook 365 Header display too large too big too much

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This has been an annoyance for a while now.  On my laptop, where the screen isn't huge, the headers display area is way too large, and is mostly whitespace and redundant info I could see from the message list.  It literally takes up a fourth or third of my reading pane area, depending on if I scrunch up the message list - but I want to see the message list.

There has got to be a way to either hide this header info, or compress it so that so much screen space is not taken up by it.

Here's a screenshot illustrating this.  I know others have complained about this as well but I want add one more mention.  After all, they say for each person you hear from, there are 100 more with the same complaint that don't bother.




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@KBlackwell59803 Same problem! Header is too large for little to no info!

I just want to preview the message!