OneDrive phone camera backup

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In the past, I have set up a camera backup from my Huawei phone onto OneDrive. I initially used "Camera Roll" backup to back up ALL photos being made with my phone. I later disabled this option and instead selected several folder locations on my phone that I wanted to back up. The idea is that I first sort pictures from the Camera roll into correct folder locations while also deleting bad pictures and thus only good photos are backed up.


However, I now see that pictures that were previously backed up via the camera roll option are not backed up again after I moved them into new folder locations on my phone. I thus deleted the old camera roll backup from OneDrive, expecting that this will prompt OneDrive to back up the deleted photos into the correct folders. But I see that the pictures that have once been backed up are sort of "remembered" and are not backed up again.


Is there some way I can reset OneDrive to upload ALL photos again?

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