One-Click Copy Name + Address from Outlook Contact

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WANTED: a one-click method to copy several fields from an Outlook contact record to the clipboard (so that it can be pasted into another program). What I'm wanting is to click a contact in Outlook, then get this:


<full name>[CR/LF]

<company name (if not blank)[CR/LF]

<mailing address>[CR/LF]


copied to the clipboard. 


If there's a way to do this which is already part of Outlook 365 (for Windows), then how? If not, is there way to achieve the same goal via a macro?


Why? I have a client who has a solo law practice and he wants to get one contact at a time out of Outlook and into his postage program ( which prints his envelopes.


To my surprise, there doesn't seem to be a way to have the windows application pull the desired data from Outlook, so I'm trying to find a way to copy to the clipboard from inside of Outlook. The way he does it now is he copies the <full name>, then switches to the other program and pastes, then switches back to Outlook and copies the <company name>.... There's way too many steps in his current routine.

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Why don't you simply export the contacts to CSV/Excel and copy/paste from there? Or you can switch to the Contacts tab, change the view to List, arrange the columns as needed and copy/paste them one at a time or all together.

in Outlook, go to Contacts -> Current View, from the dropdown select Manage Views and create a copy of "Cards", select only the columns that you want and save. With the new View selected, copy and paste contacts 

This is EXACTLY what I need as well....and I've determined it does not exist.  I mean WHY make it easy to use Outlook in an office setting.


The only fix that I have found...after I have placed all the information into my Outlook contact fields, I ALSO put the mailing address into the Notes section.  While I have to type the information twice initially, it does save me time and errors later.  I can cut and paste from the Notes section.


MICROSOFT--what we both want is a button in the Contact-Communicate section that says MAILING ADDRESS.  When you click on it, it creates a mailing address that contains:  Full Name, Company Name, Address that is designated as the mailing address.


@Gray Strickland Don't know if you ever found a solution for this but I found your post and then found a solution.  This article explains how to create a custom button to do just this.  Worked for me and I modified it to include email and phone.  Article is here Copy a Contact's Mailing Address (