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I recently migrated from Outlook version 2013 to a Family 365 account.  I have two small businesses and had to transfer 7 email addresses, customer details, etc. All seemed to go well. Email settings entered and the settings for each one entered was given the thumbs up for by Outlook.  However, I subsequently discovered that the first of the emails entered (which ends with the text has been changed by Family 365 in the Outlook settings to end with

The result is I can't now recieve emails in Outlook from my main email address because it has altered the email address. I want my email address back! How can I achieve this? Thanks in advance. I'm a user rather than a techy when it comes to software, hoping for a simple solution...

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Hi @GordonHa 


First of all, have you your own domain? Or in other words how you have configured your email accounts? Are they download the emails from your mail provider through SMTP, IMAP or POP? Please don't send private information like e-mail adresses in your reply!!


When you have a own domain then you can think that you migrate the mail addresses to Office 365 Familiy. You must first add the domain in the Microsoft 365 admin center in the Settings > Domains to give Office 365 the permission to receive the emails, then you must change on you DNS Registrar the MX DNS entries. Sorry it's a bit difficult to explain in a few words... ;)




Thanks Godangel!

Other email address for the same domain are actually working ok, I didn't have to set domains permissions anywhere. Also email addresses for another different domain are all working fine too. The emails are all set up as POP.

Is my understanding correct that the first email I set up is assumed by Office 365 Family to be a default that I don't own the domain for and therefore it adds.ost to make it an office address?

I'll see if I can access Settings>Domains but I think I read somewhere that is only accessible by Office 365 professional users. I am on Office 365 Family.