Office 365 Multi Tenant

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I currently have a single Exchange 2010 server on premise within a singel AD forest and non-routeable domain (xxx.domain)  Within this structure I have multiple sub-tenants setup as separate OUs with users in each OU having separate email addresses.  On premise tenant A =  -  On premiste tenant B =


I have this already configured in Office365 Hybrid mode for one of the existing tenants but now looking to migrate another on premise tenant to Office 365.

Can I create a new Office365 instance for this sub tenant and use a separate AD Connect instance to sync only those users to the new Office 365 instance?  Can I setup a second Hybrid Mode configuration to enable seamless mailbox moves?


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@Kris Kaiser With the September 2020 update to Office 365 Hybrid Configuration Wizard it is now possible to set up multiple Office 365 tenants with a single Exchange organization. Please refer to this article which describes a similar set up Single On-Premises Exchange to Multiple Office 365 Tenants - Part 2 - Technically Possible