Office 365 Mix License

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Yesterday when I was looking on buying license I have conversations with Microsoft Sales Person. The person suggest that I can mix Microsoft license. Here is the situation.
User : 50
Buy and assign 50 license Microsoft 365 Business Basic. Which I understand this license doesn't come with word,excel,outlook etc for desktop app version. I need this license for exchange, onedrive and SharePoint.

The Microsoft person say just buy another 10 Microsoft 365 Apps for business. This license has word excel outlook desktop apps. Which can install to 5 device per license. So all 50 user can use word excel outlook etc desktop apps.As in my understanding it's per user. But Microsoft sales person say this is not violate the rule.

And now I'm confused. Can someone clarify this?

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It's indeed per user, not sure what this Microsoft rep has been smoking...