Office 365 Home install on multiple computers?

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O365 Home is good for up to 6 users.  However, if I have two laptops, can I install the office suite and Onedrive on both of them and log in with the same ID?  Will it let me use them both at the same time or will that cause any problems?

I doubt I'd really need to use Word or Excel at the same time on both but  could I have Onedrive installed on both and if I add something on laptop 1, would it automatically sync over to laptop 2 if they are both being used at the same time?

Just trying to figure out the details of the 6 users and the multiple devices and how all that works together.



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Yes! You can have 6 different user accounts which in turn can install office and onedrive on I belive now unlimited number of devices! This means you can use a onedrive client with your account on multiple devices! Basically everything will sync to all devices if not configured otherwise!
If used at the same time onedrive has its own mechanisms for sync conflict management!


So can I create an account and install Office/Onedrive on my laptop and my wife's laptop and my phone, and everything all under just my account?  Then we can use the other 5 accounts for our parents or siblings or something like that?

No, I believe that a license violation! Your account is yours and you can set up installations for your account on your multiple devices! The other members of the family needs their own account..

Also it’s not very beneficial! Using the same account means that everyone will have access to same data in 365, onedrive etc..

Yeah, I know everyone would have access to all the same files.  I'm more just wondering if I *could* do it that way.  Not that I actually would.  I didn't know if I open Word on laptop 1 and then I open Word on laptop 2, would it see two active sessions and make one not work or something like that.

Theoretically you can! For example using your mobile clients and the desktop at the same time

My question is similar. I have an Office 365 Home account currently with five active users of the six I am allowed. I am getting a second Windows laptop for myself to use at home.  It will be under the same Microsoft Account, mine. Normally when I install on a new device it uses up an 'Install' on my Office 365 Account, but I was hoping that would not happen this time, and that it would count as a second device under me as a User.  I'm a little unclear how this works. 

John C

Hi! A user is a user (account ) and every user has unlimited devices!

So you can install office on your devices and then use them with your account! As can the rest of the 5 users!


Thank you for the response Adam

Just to dig down on that a little bit. When I login to my 365 Account to set up Office 365 on my new laptop, while logged into Windows with my Microsoft Account, will Setup recognize me and not add a sixth and last user/device to my account?


It will never auto login and create another account for you! You set up the users yourself and then choose which one you will activate it with! You can have two accounts on one device as well! Your naa account is not an office 365 account so it will not

Sorry, I was not clear. I login to my new laptop for the first time with my existing Microsoft Account. I then login to the Microsoft Account website where it shows my Office 365 Account information, number of installs (there are currently 5) payment options, etc, Now I run Setup Office to this device.  Will it add another User to the list or will it detect that it is me installing Office a second time on another device?  

It will not detect anything until you login to office with your account! If you login to office after install it will add the device to the list! If you login to office with another account it will add the device to that account

Sorry Adam, I must be dense.. I guess I'll just have see what happens. thanks anyway,

kudos to Adam he answered all your questions with patience xD

How do get the same Outlook emails and contacts on my second computer which is already set up.
Do you know how I can set up my second computer Outlook 365 to mirror my first computer. Emails and contacts. I am signed in different on MS on the second computer. When I downloaded the Office suite it duplicates my old settings in Windows from before. Does not mirror my new computer setup fore Outlook. What am I doing wrong?

@adam deltinger I have , and pay for, excel 365, usually it won’t sync across from windows 10 to devices, like iPads, iPhones. No easy way to sync as googling sync is incorrect! Upgrading was a waste of money and frustrating…and Microsoft never answer ! Should just be a sync button. How easy would that me,