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I had a post on the Yammer network to provide news about updates to the readers of the Office 365 for IT Pros eBook (see, so I'll create one here.


The latest update for the book is now dated July 20. The EDF and EPUB formats are available online now and the updated Kindle version will be available in Amazon soon.


To see the details of what's been updated, go to our change log at


Thanks to all who support us in this effort to document what's happening inside Office 365.


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July 22 update issued for Office 365 for IT Pros - the addition of the minimal configuration for hybrid connections is the big update (chapter 6). See change log for details


July 26 edition now available. Changes made to chapters 9 (Groups) and 19 (Auditing and Reporting).

Tony, thanks for repeating this here. i still prefer Yammer, but let it'll be...

I still prefer Yammer but in this interim period...
Office 365 for IT Pros eBook updated to 2 Aug version. Change log at
Updated today to a new version dated 5-August-2016.
Listen to why Steve Goodman (OOF until the 8th Aug :beach_with_umbrella:) and the @TheUCArchitects think that Office 365 for IT Pros is the only Office 365 book - and BTW, we updated the book today! See for details.

Sir Tony, thank you for the information on Office 365 for IT Pros eBook.

Thanks... but plain Tony will do just fine!

We've updated the book again and the current version is now dated 10 August. Since July 4, we have added an extra 39 pages of content to the book. This reflects both our determination to keep the content updated to match developments within Office 365 and the rapid cadence of change that occurs within the service. See the change log for details:

The book is updated again. New version dated 22 August. See for change log information.
Amazing job. You guys rock!

Office 365 for IT Pros updated. New version dated 7 Sept. See change log for details. (five chapters have updates)...

We've updated the eBook again. The new version is dated 14 September 2016. We included the new SLA figure for Office 365 for Q2 16 (99.98%), some additional clarification about external access for Office 365 Groups, and some other bits and pieces. Change log at

An update has been issued for the Office 365 for IT Pros eBook and the 19 Sept version is now available for PDF, EPUB, and Kindle. See for details. We believe that this will be the last update issued before the Ignite conference next week and that it will take us a little time after Ignite to figure out what updates are required, but we will be working in the background to generate a new update in early October (or earlier).

OK. I lied. We issued another update before Ignite. The current version is now dated 24 Sept 2016. See for change log details.

Following the Ignite conference (and as you'd expect), we have a number of updates for the Office 365 for IT Pros ebook. The new version is now online. See for details of the changes.